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The Production Staff and Senior Producer, Dr. Mike Craft Sr. D.D. are asking the co star of the hit Television series, "The Housewives of New Jersey", Ms. Melissa Gorga, if she would kindly accept the lead role, as "Diane Della Rocca", in the upcoming feature film, "The Saratoga Movie", to be filmed in 28 days in the late spring of 2013. Producer Dr. Mike Craft Sr., has been enamored of Melissa, and her antics, on the hit Bravo series, "Housewives of New Jersey"! Dr. Craft Sr. is only asking Ms. Gorga to be the leading lady and will not be seeking any other actresses from Bravo. Ms. Gorga is at ease with the screen and has a dancing background, before her marriage! Her part in the film is that of the leading male role of "Big Mike Cahn", the NCS, (National Crime Syndicate) North Eastern Boss, and international Heroin Importer's girlfriend! Big Mike is only known as a big gambler and multi-location restaurant/nightclub/tavern owner! He is not known by the local community as a big gangster! He comes to Saratoga Springs every summer and has a house on the lake for himself and his wife and 4 children. His underboss comes also, with a full crew, who hang around the "Boss" and guard him while he races his "Trotters", goes boating, and visits his girlfriend "Diane Della Rocca", to whom he has purchased a year round restaurant. Diane is doing well and is sending her daughter, "Janie Lynn" to the local high school! Diane's sister Marie (Jeanette DeJesus) is always nagging her to break up with "Big Mike" but she will not! The story flies through the 42 years that Dr. Mike Craft will be capturing in these lives, but the movie will not be a period film. It will encaptulate many circumstances, over a 42 year period as if they were in the filming year! Ms. Gorga will get to sing two songs in the Movie, and be on the Musical DVD, which is to be sold separately. Ms. Gorga is to be a 18% owner of the film and have complete North/Central American profit sharing in both picture and music! It is hoped that Ms. Gorga will accept this offer because most of the work has been done, and the characters are already copyrighted, The work percentage would account for almost double, but Dr. Craft is happy to be presenting this offer, at the Saratoga Raceway and Casino, on September 15th, 2012! This 120 minute feature film will be "Premiered" in over 950 independent theaters on the east coast, and 950 more on the Central States and West Coast and Canada! Ms. Gorga's percentage will give her a very nice payday,of near a million dollars, plus she will now be both a screen star and have production credits, to her name! It is also hoped that she will exercise her option before filming to do 3 more films at a 1.5% increase for each film! A home will be provided for the Gorga Family, while filming in Saratoga Springs, New York. Dr. Craft Sr. would also like to cast both Melissa's sisters in the film as supporting actresses, at a 1.75% fee, with lodging for both of them! This movie released in a "B" version, with 10 independent film festival showings,will do well. A 1.75% holding will return to the sisters about $50,000.00 each! This film is under funded and Dr. Mike is forced to give out percentages instead of cash payments! DR. Craft loves Melissa and wants her to do well!---  Please email all questions and discussions to-----------------------------------------------------